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13-Point Charter of a True SCOTTIAN

A true Scottian is one, who

  1. Has unique identity.
  2. Has got distinct but positive traits.
  3. Speaks and writes English and one Indian language at least.
  4. Has enough analytical approach to comprehend Mathematics and Science that leads to create scientific temperament.
  5. Is able to take decisions.
  6. Is very lively and responsive towards his/her surroundings.
  7. Always abide by standardized social behaviours.
  8. Is creative and artistic in creating master piece and is fond of reading.
  9. Speaks truth, is very docile and respects law and justice.
  10. Is courteous but firm in decisions.
  11. Is well mannered , sensitive and dresses smartly in neat attire.
  12. Cherishes the freedom of the mind, the humanity of the heart and the integrity of an individual.
  13. Appreciates beauty and goodness.

In short, a true Scottian is the epitome of what a ‘cultured person’ aspires to be!

Why to enroll in Scottish?

It is true that the main reason you enroll your children to a school is to learn about academic subjects like Maths, History, Science, and so on, but these are not the only things that children need to learn if they ever want to become successful in the real world.

CHARACTER EDUCATION gives them the necessary tools that they will be using more often than those that they learn from the other subjects. These days, with most families, the children are often left alone with no one to guide them. That is why schools need to implement character education so that the students know the correct path they walk on.

A School of Character

We heard people say about a man of character, but a school of character? Well, it is one whose commitment is towards developing children to be socially, morally, and academically responsible whereby character education is integrated in all disciplines and every aspect of the curriculum. It practically involves everybody from the Principal to the teachers to the cafeteria people and even the janitors themselves. The kind of culture that is being observed in the school and the core values it upholds determine the kind of values that is being observed and practiced. The Principal spearheads the programme and everyone participates.