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Why to enroll in Scottish?

It is true that the main reason you enroll your children to a school is to learn about academic subjects like Maths, History, Science, and so on, but these are not the only things that children need to learn if they ever want to become successful in the real world. CHARACTER EDUCATION gives them the necessary tools that they will be using more often than those they learn from the other subjects.

These days, with most families, the children are often left alone with no one to guide them. That is why schools need to implement character education so that the students know the correct path they should walk on.

  • Scottish has set a benchmark establishing incomparable summit of success in XII Board Exam 2017 by producing 100% pass result in the region.
  • 21 students secured above 90% and 42 students secured above 85% out of total 107 students in class XII.
  • Toppers of class XII 
    • Aanchal Baliyan- 98.0%
    • Puneet Garg       – 96.4%
    • Shubham Malik – 95.0%
  • Ekta Malik, Aanchal Baliyan and Shubham Malik were recognized for their outstanding academic performance for being among the top 0.1% of successful candidates in Hindi, Geography and Political Science respectively.
  • Repeating the history in the year 2017-18, students of Scottish left every body dazed by achieving 100 marks in Economics, Geography, Hindi, Painting and Physical Education.
  • Very Remarkably, Nandini Garg ( 2017-18) of class X became ALL INDIA TOPPER by achieving 99.8% marks.