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The gift of science has added greatly to the dignity and sublimity of human civilization and science is often acclaimed as an angel of creative ideas. It is to hone these creative ideas that SIS has excellent laboratories of Physics, Chemistry and Biology; and it is here that students learn to bring their experiments out of these labs to their daily lives.

Chemistry Lab: –

The science faculty of SIS is blessed with a fully coordinated lab facility, which helps the students to support them in their inquisitive motives to explore the various scientific phenomenon. The chemistry lab is spacious enough to accommodate nearly 40 students at a time with sufficient working space. The lab has a fume cupboard and all the equipment that support the student’s need for carrying out the project works prescribed by CBSE for senior classes. The budding scientists of the school get opportunity to observe and perform various activities under the proper guidance of their teachers. The Lab caters to the needs of the students from primary to senior secondary classes.