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The three kids in ascending order symbolize constant growth and development. The noticeable point is their outward end orientation which is multi-directional, symbolizing the different fields in which the kids achieve excellence but their base is same i.e. Scottish International School. So no matter where/or in which field they are creating their mark, their base or the source is common, from which they have evolved i.e. the school.

The dual color book is a symbolism of an environment of nature friendly methodology with a combination of cutting edge technology. Kids here are being taught to create innovation which is in complete harmony with the nature. The very fundamental ethics that are required for a construction of peaceful world.

The blueness and the presence of globe symbolize the job the founders of the school took in hand i.e. creation of new and a better society in world.

The blue luminance of the globe symbolizes the broadness and infinite possibilities present in present world scenario, just as the sky is infinite and endless and so are the opportunities present in the world.