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SIS’s sole purpose is to nurture the student in the best possible manner, so that he or she can grow in every aspect of life. We have various clubs that provide every student, an opportunity to pursue in their field of interest. Following are those clubs –

* Literary Club:- Any student who is interested in language, literature, and culture, and wants to improve that aspect of life, can join this club. Various activities like, debates, group discussions and presentations are being conducted here on time to time.

 * Sports Club:- All the scholars, who would like to emphasize on their physical well being, are welcome in this group.At Scottish we provide various sports facilities, like volleyball, football, cricket, badminton, basketball, skating,etc. We also have indoor games as well like chess, scrabble, and carom to sharpen their mental abilities.

 * Heritage Club:- For few history means learning dates, but for few it is our past, which was glorious and interesting, that enchants you, and at the same time it reminds us of various dreadful events of history, which had a huge negative impact on the mankind, which we would like to forget. But whatever you say, history hypnotizes you. Heritage club deals with that history, which is the part of our existence i.e., our monuments, teaching, and other things related to that era.

* Health & Wellness Club :- Students are given the knowledge of being healthy. They are taught how to maintain their life style and inculcate healthy habits to lead their life smoothly. They are taught to work with team spirit and being affectionate towards the people around them.      

* Teachers & Students Welfare Club :- Here teachers and students share the most remarkable bond as the motive of this club is to provide  the comfort zone to the particular individual who needs it most. Teachers and students lend their hands to support the man in need and learn how to cooperate with each other irrespective to the particular person’s background, race, religion and other differences.